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Alright, so I recently purchased an eMac to toy around with, I got a decent deal off someone for craigslist, and I bought an airport extreme card offline for $25.

However, the system has been freezing up periodically since I purchased bought it. The airport card is unrelated.

One thing I noticed that could be a problem: the machine is registering 1.25 gigs of pc 2700 ram, but when I looked in the slots, one is a 256mb pc 2700, and the other is a 1 gig pc 3200. The 1 gig stick is registering under the system profiler as pc 2700.

Anyways, the machine freezes up a couple times a day and the only way to regain control is to manually shut the machine down by holding the power button down.

I know some of these machines had a recall with the video card.

It is a 1.25 ghz with a 9200 raedon, combo drive, and 10.3.

Can anyone bum me a copy tiger?
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