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Honestly, I wouldn't get a Bluetooth headset at all. I'd get a stereo headset that plugs into the jack; you'll get superior sound quality regardless, more control, nothing extra to worry about charging the battery for, be able to seamlessly listen to music, answer calls, and return to it, AND get stereo sound for the call rather than mono. If you want something to block out the outside, I'd go for the Ultimate Ears 4vi; Ultimate Ears makes great in-ear phones, and that "noise cancelling" stuff is usually just one step above voodoo; what you really want is actual, physical sound isolation. I've heard the V-Moda Vibe Duo is okay as well, but not quite as good sound-quality wise. What I personally did was take a pair of cheap ($10-25 depending on where you get them) but wonderful-sounding Koss KSC75 headphones, and solder the included iPhone headphone and mic/clicker cable onto the drivers. Very comfortable, great sounding headphone/headset for less than $50, even if you INCLUDE the price of the soldering equipment.

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