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Originally Posted by Meyvn
Yeah. The room issue's why I'm selling it. I do NOT need it. And Macman, I AM networked with PCs. I'm the only Mac user in the house, sadly. Dad and I were GOING to buy my mother an eMac for Christmas, but she found out and threatened to take it back if we got it for her (She loves Macs, but she worries about money). Anyway, thanks for the info.
The only reason at the moment to use Virex or any other virus protection software with OSX is to stop the unintentional spread/transfer of Windows viruses. If your Windows machines on your network all have virus scanners installed, you don't need it.

Get your Mom one of the headless iMac's that are coming out! Personally, I'd never get an eMac, especially now since there are rumours it may be discontinued/replaced.
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