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Originally Posted by kmkl View Post
The 24'' is bigger.

I'm not to sure, but I've heard the 20'' has a smaller colour palette, and has a smaller viewing angle. Also its smaller.
The 24'' inch is great (I have one) it gives you so much screen real estate that its amazing! However it does take up more desk space...

But to really recommend a screen-size, we'd need to know what you are into/what are you planning to do with it.
If you are the stereotypical 'basic' user, then the 20'' will do just fine.
But if you do Photoshop, or Video then 24'' is the way to go.

If you have the money, and spend a lot of time at the computer the go with the 24'' inch.

But again, to really tell you what screen size you need, list the stuff you do.

Also, what's with the "A Mac Noob - Turning to the Dark Side..."? Y'know there's a reason why white is a symbol of Apple.

Actually I'm an IT guy by trade - and just started working with Macs in the last year. (Mostly Macbooks and Mac Book Pros) but not so much on Desktops. As for the usage of this Mac - definitely photos - my wife is a photoholic. And I tend to work/tinker with websites and designs. (And have been known to every now and then to play a little bit of World of Warcraft.)

As - so reason why I said I'm a Mac Noob (Cuz I have worked with Windows since Windows 3.11 (gosh) *used to have Apple IIe, then IIgs, then went to college - then no development apps for the Macs so had to go pc - so been with PCS since then* Now turning to the dark side and dumping the Windows environment and jumping on the OS X bandwagon.

Thank you for your response though!

Billy Koch
A Mac Noob - Turning to the Dark Side...
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