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Hey folks,

I'm new to the forum and I've got a problem with my Macbook that seems to be confusing a few people... I'm hoping it's a common thing and someone can help! Here's the problem:

1) It started crashing ALL the time all of a sudden and re-launching OSX all the time.
2) About a year ago I swapped the RAM that I changed from 512mb to 2gb and thought that was the problem... it wasn't!
3) Put the RAM back in and formatted..... it seemed to be ok!
4) Once I had installed the 20-odd updates it needed, I restarted it.... nothing happened!!! It got to the point with the grey screen and the rotating 'loading' icon and nothing happened!

I have tried re-installing, which started off well, it got to the second disk and installed everything, then started installing the second disk again! I thought it was just having a hissy, so left it over night and when I woke up it was still installing the second disk over and over!

Please help, I do not have the cash for a new one! Is it a hardware problem? A software problem? I just don't know!

Thanks in advance for any help!
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