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Originally Posted by mynameis
I am confused as to what you mean by Mac extras that are standard, explain.

Parts for an Apple are more expensive for the same parts, same quality. A good example is a Radeon 9800 Pro video card, for a Mac it sells for $350 but a PC version sells for $250, from ATI.

I still think you can build a PC to run games well for a lot cheaper than a Mac that would run the games similarly.
Erm. The video cards are more expensive for the Mac, yes, but that's about it. If you're talking about processors, for instance, a 1.5 GHz Mac can outrun a 3.2 GHz PC in many cases. And we've already established taht PCs are better for gaming. Mac users aren't even getting the Sims 2 for awhile, and we probably won't get HL2 at all. I personally really enjoy some Mac games, though. American McGee's Alice takes very little graphic processing power (my video card is 32 MB and I have the settings all the way up on the game and it's still fast). I also play NWN, and it doesn't handle that as well. Obviously, though, you can buy a much better graphics card if you get a PowerMac. It may interest you to know, also, that you CAN upgrade Macs, just not to the extent that you can with PCs. Hard drives, RAM, video cards, all can be changed out fairly easily on PowerMacs. It's sometimes cheaper to not buy parts directly from Apple, too. I just put new RAM in my iBook. Spent 220 bucks on a 1 GB stick of RAM. Apple charges 600 dollars for this same amount, same speed because they have their own manufacturer. My RAM is still guaranteed for life by its manufacturer, and it cost nearly a third of the price. I also saw a Radeon 9800 Pro Mac with 256 video RAM for 260 rather than the 350 ADDITIONAL Apple will quote you (you left out the part about how it was 350 EXTRA in addition to the video card they already included). There's plenty of ways to customize your Mac. You just have to look around.

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