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Soulwar is just really niceSoulwar is just really niceSoulwar is just really niceSoulwar is just really nice
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Actually, your Macbook can support up to 3GB. The (SR) Santa Rosa models can support 4GB.

"However, third-parties have discovered that "pre-Santa Rosa" MacBook models equipped with a "Core 2 Duo" processor will work with 3 GB of RAM (those with a Core 2 Duo processor released prior to November 1, 2007) -- which requires a 2 GB module and a 1 GB module."
"This "mismatched" configuration will modestly compromise performance of video-related tasks but likely will be of interest for users who primarily use the system for CPU and memory-intensive tasks."

"Other World Computing has posted detailed test results comparing the performance of the MacBook configured with matched and mismatched memory."

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