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Originally Posted by johnnyluu
True-ish. In terms of spec, because of the Mac architecture and extras as standard, an honestly comparable PC would cost just as much if not more than an Apple machine. Yes, if you use cheap parts it will be cheaper, but thats like saying you're going to build your own car: it WILL be a car but it WONT drive like a BMW. Unfortunately, in the capitalist society that we live in today, if you want the goods, you have to cough up the cash.
I am confused as to what you mean by Mac extras that are standard, explain.

Parts for an Apple are more expensive for the same parts, same quality. A good example is a Radeon 9800 Pro video card, for a Mac it sells for $350 but a PC version sells for $250, from ATI.

I still think you can build a PC to run games well for a lot cheaper than a Mac that would run the games similarly.
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