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Originally Posted by dwd3885
1. Gaming- I game on my pc, mostly sports games (NBA Live, Madden, MVP Baseball) with the occasional Vice City. I don't think those games are offered on the Mac. I know I could go ahead and suck it up and get an Xbox or Playstation, we'll see. Another thing is what the heck am I supposed to do with a good graphics card on the Mac if I can't game??
Why don't you keep your PC for gaming.? Anyways, if you're not into MMORPG's (massive multi-player online role playing games) and all you're playing is mainly sports games, just get a second hand XBOX or PS2. If you look around you'll be able to pick one up with a few games for under 100.

As for what you can do with a good graphics card? Well, run everything without fear of needing a better graphics card! Macs come with pretty good graphics card at entry level so you don't really have a choice but to have a decent graphics card in your machine. You have to remember that the biggest market for Apple are the creative industries and creative individuals, we need good graphics cards.

Originally Posted by dwd3885
2. Price- I can build my own computer with great specs and have it cost less than $1000. I'm thinking a comparable Mac would be the Single Proc. G5, but even that's more expensive and comes with lousy RAM installed. And upgrading RAM imediately would add more money to the purchase.
True-ish. In terms of spec, because of the Mac architecture and extras as standard, an honestly comparable PC would cost just as much if not more than an Apple machine. Yes, if you use cheap parts it will be cheaper, but thats like saying you're going to build your own car: it WILL be a car but it WONT drive like a BMW. Unfortunately, in the capitalist society that we live in today, if you want the goods, you have to cough up the cash.

Originally Posted by dwd3885
3. Upgrades- I love upgrading my PC. My concern is if I could do that on a Mac. I think I can on the PowerMacs. iMacs are out of the question for this and just the fact that I don't want an all-in-one machine.
You'll find that with a Mac there isn't any real need to upgrade apart from RAM and maybe hard disk space. Macs are usually filled with the most up to date (as needed) hardware. Because of the lack of games, you won't need the latest graphics card every 3 months to play the latest games!

Macs also have a life of at least 3/4 years. By the time you're machine has really aged (pushing 5 years and over), it would be about time to get a new one anyway. I don't know anyone, using Mac or PC, that has a truly usable computer that is any older than 4 years.

I have a 5 year old G3 400 MHz iMac running the latest OS and latest Photoshop with only 512 mb of PC 100 ram. It runs, and looks, better than my mates 3 year old PC running Windows 2000. So for average use a Mac is a very sound investment in the long run.

Originally Posted by dwd3885
1. I've used Macs at work and love the OS. I can skin my Windows machine pretty nice (like I have now), but it's just not the way it's supposed to look, hogs some system resources, etc. And the Mac OS isn't just about look, but it seems to run a heck of a lot smoother than Windows XP.
OS X isn't just a pretty OS, it's an OS that is so stable and beautiful to use, the developers could afford to make it look pretty as well. Comparing PC and Mac OS's side by side, Windows XP is comparable to the first release of OS X. The current release of OS X is the equivalent of what Longhorn is going to be for PC users in about 1-2 years time. The next release of OS X will be about another 1-2 years ahead of that.

I prefer Macs and OS X, my friend prefers PCs and Windows XP. We both have a valid reasons for our preferences. Whatever you're told, in the end, it comes down to personal preference.

I sounds like you're pretty much sold on the matter anyway, so just take the leap and join us...become one with the dark side!

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