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I just got my Macbook Pro, I love it, I work everyday with the Macbooks and like those too. Basically the Pros of a MBP over a MB are,

Video Card
Higher Powered Processor Configurations
LED Backlit Screen's
Larger Screen sizes, 15.4" or 17"
Keyboard (some may like the MB keyboard better, but I love the MBP's traditional keyboard it feels great)
Backlit KB
Speakers are a little beefier than MB's
Aluminum (personal preference)

The pros of the MB over the MBP are,

Portability (Big one)
Keyboard (personal preference)
Significant Price difference (another big one for most!)
Magnetic Screen "latch" (way better than those little metal latches)

Let me know if I missed anything, but I love the Macbooks and I love my new Macbook Pro!!!

-Zach, A.C.T.
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