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My wife's macbook started having a problem out of the blue. The battery will not charge, and the macbook will only run if it is plugged into the wall. It was bought within the past two years, so it has the magnetic charging port, and the led on the charger just shows green. If it is unplugged the computer immediately turns off. If I take the battery out and put it back in, it will show the orange "charging" light as long as I am firmly pressing the battery in by hand. The moment I lock the battery in and take my hand off, it turns green. I'm not sure if it is actually charging when it shows the orange light or not, because I haven't taken the time to sit there and hold it in place to charge. Any idea what the problem is? I suspect maybe the battery is just shot, but I don't want to throw down the money unless I know it's the problem.
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