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Originally Posted by danger_boy_13
Yeah, the upgrades are just rumors, and I am under the definite impression that there are not going to be G5 PB updates in January. Maybe speed boost or a dual-core G4. I just decided that the update wasn't that big of an impact on the performace for me, so I went ahead and bought a 12" PB, and I love it. For your needs, I would recommend the 15. I do a lot of the same stuff, but I do it when I am at home and I use a separate 17" monitor to span across.
u just said maybe just a duakcore g4 ummm thats a huge improvement and that will totaly cream his powerbook g4 1.5ghz if its is at 2ghz do u knoiw how fast that thing can go and do u know that a dual core g4 is faster than a single g5 actually way faster cause if a 1.42ghz dual g4 is faster than a single 1.6 at all things except for few and faster than the g5 1.8ghz single ant many things imagine it at 2ghz hahahah i would have wait but ur right no powerbook g5 untill a looooonnnngggggg time. But w.e. maybe im just crazy hahahah orrr maybe im just excited and cant wait till what apple realases.
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