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Well, I consider myself a computer user, in general. Neither PC-only nor Mac-only...

I grew up more or less with the development of the computer world, my first being a Commodore C16, that was replaced by the Commodore C64. When the 8bit aera was over, I got an Atari ST, which I used for a very long time (even after Atari's departure from the computer market). For those who don't know, the Atari had a WYSIWYG user interface (today known as GUI) which was pretty similar to the Mac OS at that time. PCs back then still were DOS, with something backpacked called Windows 3.11... It was totally crap, compared of what I was able to do with the Atari. I never really got convinced of Windows, but as I had to evolve, i had to go the Windows way for a while, not able to afford a Mac. I was always fascinated by Apple, their ability to live along with the big Microsoft, who steadily made other computer manufacturers fade away.
I had some old 68k and PPC Macs to play around, but they were just too old to be useful as main system.
After going through the complete Windows series, and playing around with Linux, I just had enough of the vulnerable and notoriously unstable Windows and the very interesting, but not userfriendly enough Linux.

So I finally bought a recent Mac, which I use as my main computer, and don't regret it any single second. But yet I use Windows from time to time, either because i have too (at work) or because I want to (play some of my games).
I definitely prefer the Mac, and would always suggest one to anybody who wants to buy a computer, but I don't blame people who prefer's everybody's personal choice...
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