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This thread really isn't complaining about any problems. I thought I'd just comment on my shinny new used 2nd-hand iBook Clamshell. Its the 466mhz firewire, dvd version. I bought it off ebay and also bought a 512mb stick of ram and a power adaptor. The power adaptor was the wrong one, it had a smaller plug end. (anyone know what this one is for? Or better yet, anyone want to buy it???) Installing Tiger on it was a breeze, a 30-40 min breeze lol! Although its noticeably slower than my Macbook, its usable and also serves to show me how fast my Macbook really is! I've been using a firewire cable to surf the net and download updates etc and it was a breeze to hook up!!! I ned an airport card tho.... Ok well I guess i've kinda rambled on ere! Anyone else have an iBook clamshell? Hearing other peoples opinions and experiences on these lil machines would be great!!!
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