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Originally Posted by Desolate One
After reading through the "When did you switch" thread in the Switchers Hangout I've noticed there are quite a few native Mac users. I was just wondering, considering the huge market PC's have in the home, how did you guys get started with Macs? Were your parents Mac users thus you got into it? Were you amazed at Oregon Trail and when it came time for your folks to "further" your education you insisted on an Apple?

Just curious. I just enojoy hearing other's stories.
I used to hate computers in general. I fell short to believing the computer nerd stereotype. I became a computer freak after a buddy of mine gave me his old machine and hooked me up with the internet. Eventually I started taking a liking to the Macs this was like 4yrs ago. I always searched for a used one to get started with but nothing really came of it. I was satisfied with windows 98. Then a year later I left my previous job for my current job Software Sales. I got to see a Mac first hand work in action. Since then i've been hooked. Dont get me wrong I still use me Windows machine.
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