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I've had more problems with HP Printers than anything else.

Out of the 5 I've gone through - they all end up breaking and end up printing only in BRIGHT ELECTRIC PINK. I'm not kidding.

And, you gotta hear this:

HP puts time locks on their ink cartridges. So, if you install an ink cartridge and don't use up it within a certain time, the cartridge "locks" like a bank vault and you won't be able to print with it, and you'll have to buy a new cartridge (which, of course end up costing more than the printer itself!)

Lexmark is just as bad - they are suing people who make generic ink cartridges to compete with their own, and they are making printers that lock out any possibility of using cheaper generic inks.

I'd say go with Epson, but since you don't like them - go with Canon instead. The printer that I owned (BJC-2 something or other) worked beautifully for text.
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