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Originally Posted by Dstbd View Post
Hey guys-
Kind of a noob when it comes to creating a website/hosting and such.
What would be the easiest way for me to create a site that i plan to make money off of? I was considering iWeb but i don't want to pay the $79 for it, since it wasn't included on my iMac G5. Any cheap or free programs and hosting plans? I do eventually want a domain name (.com, .net or something) once my site is created.

Getting a domain name, especially for a business is well, good business. People tend to take you less seriously if you've got something like rather than a "real dot com" address.

Stay away from Flash for a business site (Why Flash Is Evil).

Dreamweaver is okay, but I prefer to hand-code stuff.
Nvu (based on the old Mozilla Composer code base) is a good, free html editor. You get WYSIAWYG (What You See Is Almost What You Get) AND you can edit the actual HTML.

There are a lot of good, inexpensive hosting plans that include a free (or several free) domain registrations in the package when you're ready to put up that site and make your millions in a google takeover.
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