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Hello all!

Just got a MBP, LOVE IT. Had the 20" iMac desktop but I'm moving to Boston in a few months and I can't wait to hop coffee shops with the WiFi.. Thinking about getting a 3G card for places that wouldn't offer WiFi, anyways...

I have a Black Cherry Simpletech hard drive (great item) and I had plugged it in to my desktop before I sold it so I could get all my of 16,000 something songs, 200 something videos, 700 pictures and installation files for photoshop, toast and other programs onto the drive before shipping it out. (I would really.. really.. REALLY hate to lose all those files) I got my MBP and plugged it in, and nothing happened.. No computer will recognize the drive, I've tried many different Macs and even a few Windows computers..

The drive is formatted for Mac, and the light turns on indicating it does work, and it hasn't been jostled or dropped. The company said not enough power was reaching the drive through the USB port, especially for notebooks.

My question is, is there some freeware/software out there that lets a user specify how much power travels through a USB port? OR if there is a place I can buy a dual USB plugin port that would fit a mini B jack...? (yes I've googled many different things) Thanks.
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