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OK, granted, I've not used both, but I went for the 5400rpm drive myself, so I thought I'd share my experience...

I've got the 2.5ghz MBP that you're looking at and decided not to go for the 7200 drive because I was (to be honest) already spending way beyond my budget. I'm filling up my HDD at a rate of knots, and as I'm going to purchase Logic Pro 8 soon, that's going to take me to within 50gb of the hard drive capacity. And Logic Pro 8 is going to set me back exactly 250. From my point of view, if I'd seen your deal, I'd have thought "I sacrifice a little speed, but I essentially get 50gb more space and a free copy of Logic Pro 8", which, if I were in your shoes, would've sealed the deal for me.

Just my 2p worth, but if there's some expensive software you've been pining for, might be worth thinking about...

Either way, a MacBook Pro is a beautiful thing, and whichever you go for, you'll love it.
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