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Well fancy that Jesadac a Chiangmai-ian!

Well I went into MacZone today. It turns out there's a battery replacement program because of battery issues which covers Macbook and Macbook Pro for the period mine was bought. Section3 covers low battery life. Trouble is it's only valid at under 300 cycles and I'm 356. I just had a look at the battery though and there is a little bit of warping or swelling at the edge. This comes under Section 4 battery visibly deformed, so I'll have a try on the hotline tomorrow.

I'm not being mean I don't think. This MacBook never had a good battery life never more than a couple of hours but I accepted it as normal.(My iBook battery still working usably after 5 years I used it in the same pattern for 3 years). Macbook started having glitches a couple or more months ago.
It would be different but it's over $200 for a replacement here. As we know it's many times cost price with Apple and who's to say it'll be any better?

cheers John

ps: anyone know how the cycles thing works can it be it runs on partial cycles I've been using the charger for ages rather than using battery though obviously battery may have gone down a bit whilst asleep.
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