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I usually use my Macbook plugged in. For some months I've noticed, as in the previous thread, that sometimes it shows as not fully charged. Today I left my charger at home when I went for coffee and work in a cafe. The first thing I noticed on opening from 10 minutes sleep (previously fully charged I believe) was only 61% battery. I thought what the heck, I'll just do an hour. The battery charge went down at an astonishing rate. Within minutes it was in the 42% area and the panel saying you are going to reserve power came on. Within another couple of minutes it closed down.
I just drove and got my charger. In a while it was back up to 74%. I decided to unplug as an experiment. It is now exactly 10 minutes later. The reserve power thing already appeared and I am now at 22%.
I expect to upgrade my laptop every three years. I consider under two years battery unacceptable in a notebook that cost me something over $2000 in Thai currency.
I know Apple makes huge markups on their hardware so it doesn't affect their bottom line to do an occasional replacement to keep their name.
The question is will Apple replace it do you think??

thanx John

(ps just closed down and replugged in.......from 74% to 8% in the time it took me to write this post)
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