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Well, being a MBP owner, I think the upgrade is worth it. I have other friends who fully enjoy their baseline MBs though.

In fact the graphics card alone made me install Win XP Pro through Boot Camp earlier this afternoon, just so I can play a few of my games from a couple of years ago. I also opted for the MBP because of the bigger screen. I think 15 inches is perfect for not being too big on the road, but just big enough to feel comfortable when it's sitting on my desk.

What my original plan was between the debate was that I was going to get the fully upgraded MB if I had NO intentions of loading XP and playing some games, but I knew I couldn't give those up, I'm a gamer at heart.

In addition, I knew this laptop was going to last me quite some time and I figured why not go all out and get the best laptop available? So from those reasons I settled on the MBP and upgraded to 2Gb of ram. The ONLY thing I regret was not upgrading to the next biggest hard drive, now I'm stuck with only 80Gb.
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