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Originally Posted by johnwd5 View Post
I have a feeling it might be a preference issue in hard drive - reason being I found my old old 20gb drive, did a clean install of 10.3 on it, then disabled the sata I had and plugged in the 20gb drive. It booted without an issue ! The profiler still says the 512 stick of SDram is in slot 3 and it sees SDram in slot 2 but doesn't give a number/size to it, that has me very confused !

I guess I had better find my discs to do repair permissions. Then again I would have to plug the sata back in to do that - what a loop this is !
Some info on repairing permissions, you'll want to do that from the startup volume, and not the install disk. (Safe mode, if you still can't startup normally)

And if Safe mode works, consider what it's not using, to isolate the problem. Is a little odd the other drive would boot normally...

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