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hey everyone i just joined this forum now, after about a month of agony i decided to hit the forums to see if anyone as had the same problem and maybe a solution. About a month ago i turned my macbook off and it did not turn back on, i took it to the tech guys at school and they sent it away, i got it back and it turned on, but i closed my macbook and when i opened it again it wouldnt come out of sleep, so i turned it off and tried to turn it back on, but it didnt turn back on, 3 days later it turned back on, but i couldnt wait everytime i wanted it on for indefinite periods of time, so i took it to the tech guys again and they sent it away again but the problem persisted, so yet again they sent it away again and got it back but they said the shop found nothing wrong with it, my major problem is sometimes it wont turn on, even if it is fully charged and if the charger is in, im not that savvy with macs so i have only tried a few things such as take the battery out put it back in after 30 seconds, but that hasnt work, ive run out of ideas, can anybody help?
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