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Originally Posted by surfwax95 View Post
...all of those points are based on opinion and/or circumstance.

We wouldn't be where we are today without Microsoft and bashing them does absolutely nothing.

Also, the mouse wasn't invented by Apple. It was invented at Stanford University and first shipped with a Xerox.

Okay, the point about Internet Explorer is true. It truly is the devil.
All subjective matters are based on opinion. However, some studies do quantify productivity and Macs always come ahead by some large margin. But it is more simple than that. I am talking from experience. I was able to accomplish a huge amount of work in 1 day that would have taken me at least 2 days with a PC due to random crap like the 100 random updates on the 100 applications that are required to do a thing well.

The mouse designed for use with a GUI in a personal computer was first done by Apple.

Stop splitting hairs here.
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