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I understand what you mean. I don't think an Apple genius or anyone will notice a difference on a Macbook Pro which has had it's lower case replaced. There are no 'Third Party' case parts made for the laptop that I know of so whoever replaces it will be using a part manufactured by the same company who manufactured the original case parts.

However, after thinking about it, the only thing which would point to the part being replaced is that the screws would have their locking fluid broken and the case may carry a marking or identification number which a beady eyed technician may notice is different to the original casing for that laptop.

Both these circumstances rely on a beady eyed miserable apple repair fella (or gall) to be working on your Macbook Pro should you ever need to send it in under warranty to Apple.

Just to clarify, by locking fluid on the screws, I mean that, some screws used to hold the Macbook together have a lock nut fluid put on them which dries when the screws are screwed in. This is to help the screws stay where they are during any minute vibration caused by the computer during operation. It is generally blue in colour and I have seen it on quite a few screws on my Macbook Pro when I have had to take it apart.

Seeing as you are having the bottom case replaced, I am 90% sure everything has to come out of the Macbook pro laptop and be fitted into the new bottom case, so there will be a lot of screws coming out.

One thing which may help reduce the fret of having Apple discover this and say you have voided your warranty should you have to send it into them at any point in the future, is in the next sentence.

Sorry, I hate writing overly long sentences! Yes, you say this repairer is highly recommended, so, should you need to send your laptop into Apple and they bring your repair up to questioning, you can always debate the fact and say the repair was carried out by such and such and thins could help your case in keeping your warranty with Apple active.

Anyway, touch wood, you will never have to send it into Apple during the length of your warranty.


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