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A couple months ago my new-ish Macbook Pro was sitting on my shelf in my dorm room when it collapsed. The laptop is dented on the lower right corner, on the lower case. It stills works perfectly, but I was told by the guy at the Apple Store that it voided my Apple Care unless I had it fixed. They didn't take my name or serial number, so there is no record of that visit.

I just sent my computer away to . They are not certified, but are highly recommended.

My question is: Is there any distinguishing characteristic that would allow a Mac "genius" to tell the difference between the original macbook pro lower casing and an identical replacement casing?

Basically, will they even know I dropped it if I have to bring it back in for repair in the future with the new lower case?

Apologies if this is tough to understand- i've had a long day.
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