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Please help a real novice

My internet connection keeps going down - if left alone for five minutes - and at the moment totally unable to get a connection.

I can sometime (not always) connect by going to the Diagnostics - entering my router (BT Voyager) and then I am asked for a WEP password. This is pasted on the bottom of my router, and sometimes when entered, I get a connection for a few minutes. Quite often it does not connect at all, as at the moment.

Can someone give me a real idiot's guide of what I need to do - if my settings need to be changed etc..

Prior to the problem, it was running very slow - a BT engineer has sorted out my poor connection speed, but still my iMac (24" 2.8) still does not connect. The engineer suggested trying to restore the system - presently sitting here downloading the provided Install Discs, and thinking this is a big mistake....

I am sure it is something more simple than that - HELP please.
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