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My toddler spilled (dumped?) juice on my MacBook Pro computer bag and some got inside the computer. I let it dry out overnight and was able to start it (and back up my stuff). This was a month or two ago, so my problem isn't horrible, but it is getting worse lately.

The problem now is that certain keys are intermittently not working (c, v, n, mostly bottom row). I can work around this with an external keyboard. However, the problem I can't seem to solve is the z key, which seems to randomly start repeating without being pressed. I can go hours/days without a problem, but then have times when I can't type/do anything, because z keeps appearing (or bezing recognized (that z in "bezing" is an example!).

My question is this--Is there any way to have the USB keyboard override the internal keyboard when I plug it in (or to disable the *^%&@%$#ing z key)? I plan getting the computer serviced by my employer (who will most likely send to Apple), but that won't be for another couple weeks, when I go on vacation.

I reviewed other "spill" threads, but didn't see this particular question addressed. Any ideas would be appreciated!!! Thanks!
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