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Originally Posted by melmation View Post
It genuinely does sound like a dying hard drive to me. Removing the old hard drive and fitting a new one would A) give you a fully functioning laptop again (without any of your file son there) and B) Your old hard drive which is dying could be put in an external enclosure so you could try and access the files from it without it having to boot OSX as well.
wouldnt this be the same as putting the sick computer in target disc mode?
when i use target disc mode its not booting OSX right??

do u think something like Data Rescue would help me in a situation like this?

i talked to some techie guy and he said he would take out the harddrive and put it in some kind of machine and try to clone the drive to some that the right way to do it? if i had the files on dvd how would i get them back onto a healthy harddrive?
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