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It genuinely does sound like a dying hard drive to me. Removing the old hard drive and fitting a new one would A) give you a fully functioning laptop again (without any of your file son there) and B) Your old hard drive which is dying could be put in an external enclosure so you could try and access the files from it without it having to boot OSX as well.

This isn't a nice thing to have happened obviously, but there really isn't a huge amount more you can do since it seems like you have tried pretty much everything (or at least all the things I would try) already.

Your files will still be on there in the same shape they are now, but having the faulty hard drive in an external enclosure (a good one at that) will make it easier for you to work on the drive.

I wish i could post a full solution to your dillema, but it might be time to bite the bullet and accept that apart from forking out lost of money to have a professional file retrieval company extract and save your files your chances are slim of getting the info back.

Your customer rights may allow you to have the drive replaced by Apple as it hasn't worked for a reasonable length of time.


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