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OK very weird update...

so i ran disc utility disk again and out of desperation just decided to repair disc like 4-5 times in a row...all of which gave me the same error..

i then went to the gym and decided to leave my computer on to see if it would load...when i came back i saw that it was in sleep mode i tried to wake it and i could see the arrow cursor moving around but the entire screen was black...

i then manually shut off the computer and turned it back on instead of it taking 10 min to load the login prompt it now had the flashing question mark ...

when i tried to check the "smart status" of the drive it said "not supported"

**** i thought now im even in a worse position

hmmm not entirely so?

for some reason i decided to do the target drive mode again and OMG i was able to clcik on one of the folders (3gb) off the sick mac and copied it onto my healthy macs desktop...but the thing is it froze halfway nevertheless it still transfered some files

i was NEVER able to do this befor????

i tried it again and it started freezing again but the fact that it even transfered halfway gave me some hope...

its weird how it kind of halfway works now that the flashing question mark has appeared and now that the smart status is "not supported"
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