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Originally Posted by getuptogetdown View Post
I love multi touch so far. The best feature for me so far is using two fingers to scroll up and down websites, files, or any other windows that need to be scrolled through. It works for scrolling left to right too. Just put two fingers down and move which direction you want to scroll. Try it out, it awesome. If you use safari, use three fingers and swipe left or right, to go back or forward through websites. If you want to zoom in your screen hold control then use to fingers and swipe up to zoom in and out. I tend not to use photo rotation or anything like that, but those are cool too. If you go into setting, there are small video tutorials on how to do some of them.
Technically, all of those abilities except for the three finger back/forward in Safari are not due to MultiTouch, but rather due to it being a sensibly functional laptop. These abilities are present even in my 18 month old MBP.

Originally Posted by Fidou View Post
Currently I'm owning a laptop pc and about to switch in the near future for a MB. I know that the current MB doesn't have the multitouch but if we assume that it will after the next upgrade, would you think it's worthwile to wait and have this feature? As I'm only using the trackpad on my laptop I was wondering if the multitouch could improve the usability or productivity.
IMHO, it's doubtful that the MultiTouch will be included in the next refresh of the MB, so I don't think it's safe to assume that at all. Since they didn't include it in the previous revision of the MBs, my feeling is that they're treating MultiTouch as a "pro" feature. I could be wrong, but I'm merely saying that the assumption isn't sound. I'd get the MB now if you want one. I don't have the new features on my old MBP, and I get along just fine.
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