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hello, im a new user here and have a quite huge problem withmy macbook
i think it all started whene i had to switch the computer off with the master on power button due to the osx completly froze.
so when i started the mac next day, the screen was just gray with no apple logo or anyting. after some research on the apple page was reseting battery memory and PRAM.
after that the logo came on during startup but nothing more happend.
so i restarted while holding down the alt key and selected the HD to boot and then i came into the OSX system, but it seemed like I was loging on for the firsth time there, because the music and picture folder was empty. but the weird thing was that the downloads folder contained the lates downloads from the internet... :s

so when i came from from weekend holliday i tried to boot with the OS X install cd/dvd and run the disc utility tool to repair the disc the error was:
"the underlying tas reported failure on exit"
"invalid sibling link"
"the volume Macintosh HD needs to be repaired"

but when trying to repair the message is it cant be bacause of an error...

and now when trying to start as usual it trying to boot a folder with a question mark (?) just flashes

must the disc be replaced?
* is there any way to download the music, pictures and saved documents? *

and a side question when using the time machine is every documet on the mac copied to the external HD??

thanks in advance for any help
and also im norwegian so there may be some typing errors in here, i hope you would help anyway if you can
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