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I love how not even a month after we sign an AT&T contract, the dominant and best carrier in my area decides to merge with the only carrier who gets service in the whole upper peninsula of Michigan, where I visit.

That's crazy though!
It's going to be like a SUPERNETWORK!
I wish all the phone companies would just work together to get the best coverage to the people.
I mean, it would be awesome to have like 1 or 2 phone companies, without the whole monopoly part of it.

It's annoying how AT&T gets like zero service at my house, but it has GREAT service everywhere else.

The coverage of Verizon+The customer service and great deals of Alltel+ The hip, edgy phone styles AT&T+ The Direct Connect of Nextel = An AMAZING network!

I figured out the equation to bring peace to the world.
What's the odds of that EVER happening lol....

anyway, welcome back! Hope life is well!
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