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Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
Are you still plugged into your friends power adapter? Is his the exact same machine?

Are you sure the clicking is coming from the left rear and not the left front? The Hard Drive is in the Left front and if it's dying can make those clicking sounds.

I would run the Apple Hardware Test off the Install DVD and see if it finds anything wrong. On the Intel Macs I believe you hold down the D key right after the Startup Sound with the OSX DVD in the drive to run the Apple Hardware Test.
No i am using my own power adapter now.

his is a white macbook mine is a macbook pro.

the clicking at first came from the left rear and then now that its been "loading" the clicking is coming from the left front...

if the harddrive died wouldnt it NOT be able to load to the desktop screen at all? i mean i can see the little picture i had set up as my desktop wallpaper...i can also see the spotlight tool on the upper right corner (part of it)

ughhhh i am sooooooo scared i have SO many files on there!!
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