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Ok so ive been using my macbook pro for over a year now with NO problems whatsoever.

i took it out of my bag today and i couldnt find my power cord so i used my friends macbook power cord to charge up my macbook

i was browsing the web and was trying to save some pictures when it suddenly started making these weird cricket type noises on the upper left hand side of the computer

all my programs froze and then i had to manually shut down the computer..

i flipped the computer over and took out the battery then put it back in...

i re-started the computer and it continued to make the cricket noises and it would freeze on the grey startup screen with the apple logo and a circulating "load" symbol underneath it...

i manually shut off the computer again and started it back on this time i just let it took about 10 minutes for it to prompt my password...i entered in the password and it took another 10 minutes for it to load to my of now its still loading all i can see is my original dsktop image no files no programs no nothing...

its still making those cricket noises as we speak

I HAVE NO IDEA what is going on!?!? could it be because i used the wrong power cord? did i get a virus? what the heck could it be???

omg im getting really scared its making lots of weird noises right now!
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