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Now don't flame me. I'm an avid Mac User (Currently selling my MacBook Pro 2.2GHz if anyone is interested?) and I am hoping to get my hands on a Mac Pro as I don't need my Mac notebook for portability as much; it rarely sees travel.

Now come September I am either going to be continuing my education on a Windows based course or going into the world of work whilst doing a sponsored degree alongside it and I feel I WILL need Windows no matter which path I take.

Of course I'd primarily be using Mac OS X in one HDD Bay, but I'd like to install Windows on another HDD Bay using Boot Camp. So my question is, would a Mac Pro make an incredible PC? Due to its high-end components? Or would I be better off building a PC to primarily run Windows?

Thanks for all your input and don't forget to PM me if you're interesting in buying my MacBook Pro =]
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