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I have a MBP 2.16ghz with 120 gb drive and 2 gb of ram and 256mb ati card. I gave XP pro a 65gb partition with bootcamp. Installed XP and installed all of the apple drivers. I notice that XP is running slower than my old Acer Aspire with 1.66 ghz and 1 gb of ram. I can open outlook or Internet explorer in my acer and it is open in a second. With the MBP I have counted as long as 5 seconds before IE opens. These are cached times not initial startup times. It almost appears the MBP is not caching the items in ram or prefetching. The MBP has 2gb of ram compared to 1 so I and the virtual memory settings are the same on both computers; minimum of 1512mb and max of 3024. Five seconds is not acceptable with a computer with those specs is it? Both computers have pretty much identical software installed and running on startup. Is there anything I am missing trying to run xp on a MBP? I have noticed that my acers primary ide controllers are set to use UDMA4 and my MBP are set to UDMA2. Surely the MBP is capable of UDMA4 but how do I change that? I have always heard that MACs run Xp faster but now I have serious doubts that statement is true.
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