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A screen change is a simple process and ifixit has good walk throughs, though not for LCD swaps. It's a lot more simple to pop apart the lid (display case) and replace the LCD than it is to follow the directions for replacing the entire display. Screens run from $100-700 depending on where you shop and what you want. eBay will have the cheapest prices, but will mostly be refirb/used. New will run you what is quoted above.

You'll need to find a good pictoral walk through. I just found this one... TRY THIS WALKTHROUGH and it might be exactly what you need to do the swap. I haven't had problems with static discharge with these repairs but just to be sure, ground yourself before starting, maybe touching the metal portion of a lamp or computer case, just to discharge built up static (especially if you have carpet). Go slowly and it should be easy.

As a tip: use a credit card to pop off the back of the case. Walk throughs tell you to use a "spudger" but a CC works great for this and isn't metal so it won't scrape your pretty laptop. A $12 set of computer/electronics tools helps tons. RadioShack has several sets. Make sure you tape the connecting cable after seating it in the port too, as this has some pull on it when the lid is opened/closed hundreds of times.

If you take the screen apart, you can get a model number, which will help you decrease the cost of your replacement. What I mean is, companies that say "Replacement for 1.83ghz Macbook Pro 15" Are going to charge a lot more than places selling a "Samsung LPQN154B12X1" for example. Also make sure you get a LED/CCFL depending on how your screen is lighted.

Good luck.

oh, and somebody please show me where ifixit has LCD replacement walkthroughs if they do, thanks.
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