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HI Everyone ...

This is my first post, I have a network of a G4 and a G3 MAC for my printing company. I was looking for a way to add an additional Harddrive which could be shared by both computers. I purchased a ACOMDATA External HD (250 Gb) and connected it via USB 2.0 (Is USB 2 faster the Firewire). Originally I wanted to connect it using a LINKSYS NETWORK STORAGE LINK (NSLU2) to prevent the drive from using any processing power from my G4, however after connecting it I found that the NSLU2 is not compatible with MAC. So now the Ext HD is connected via USB 2 directly to the G4, however I cannot seem to be able to access it ( or even view it on the G3).

So my questions are.....

1. Does anyone know how I can set this up so that I can access the Ext HD from both Macs...???

2. Anyone know of a similar product to the NSLU2 that is compatible with MAC Os.?

3. Using the Ext HD directly to the G4 will that affect the performance if I am doing other tasks as well?

4. What is faster USB 2 or Firewire?

Thx for all your help !!!

Rey :teen:
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