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Bry's advice is sound but there is an alternative that you might want to consider too. If you are happy with your current setup and just want to transfer everything from that to your new drive you can simply duplicate it.

Here's how:
  • Stick your install disc in your BOOT drive
  • Boot the disc (either go to preferences>>startup disc OR hold down [C] whilst booting)
  • Once your Tiger/Leopard disc has booted goto Utilities at the top of the screen and run "Disc Utility"
  • You should see on the left hand side of the screen your two drives (plus any other drives you may have)
  • Click on the spinpoint drive (the drive itself not any partition inside)
  • Click on "Partition" which should be the middle tab
  • Select 1 partition (or more if you want)
  • And accept this so that disc utility creates your partition
  • Click on "Restore" which should be the right hand tab
  • You will see two input boxes "Source" and "Destination", Click on your newly created partition on the left side of the screen and drag this onto the "destination" box and let go.
  • Now click on the corresponding partition from your original drive and drag this to the source drive.
  • Click [RESTORE]
This will copy the contents of your original drive onto your new drive. I personally would now physically swap the F1 in the computer so that it is drive 1 and leave the other drive out. Make sure everything is running just as expected before you do anything to your original drive. You can now wipe it and use it for time machine or whatever.

There are other ways of doing this which some would consider easier. I think the disc utility is easy enough to use and its free and included so you might as well use it!

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