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I'm new on the forums so thanks guys in advance.
anyways I have had my mac laptop (powerbook g4 1.67 15'') for two and a half years and it might be dead.
It has been having problems lately (that computer must shutdown screen coming on, and various programs not working). I decided i would use the disk utility to try to fix it. Using the disc that came with the computer I did a repair (or at least I thoguht I did). Right after the repair all the caracters went crazy so I decided to reboot.
That's the last time it turned on. Since then it will load to the apple screen then hit the blue screen and stay there.
I have tried all the diagnostic stuff, if i boot off the cd it still wont get past that blue screen.
I even went as far as replacing the hard drive and it still won't get past that **** BLUE SCREEN.

any help or hope is greatly appreciated since i am a poor college student that cannot afford to buy another mac right now. THANKS!
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