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Originally Posted by jaster
Well, I am making the same decision on my mac, as I am ordering my powerbook tomorrow. Prior to purchasing my first ibook Jan 2004, I had no bluetooth electronics whatsoever. I went ahead and purchased the optional bluetooth, and before I knew it, I had a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and a new bluetooth cell phone. The addition of an internal factory installed bluetooth module is $50, how much ram is 50 gonna get you? 512mb of additional ram is already $100, so when you think about it saving 50 on the bluetooth and putting it on the ram really isnt gonna help all that much. You would be surprised how much more convenient it is to have bluetooth. The way technology is going now, the cost of bluetooth cells, pda's, mice, keyboards and soon printers will be cheap, and I would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. besides who wants a usb bluetooth module sticking out the side of you nice pretty ibook?
Exactly my point. If you have a need for Bluetooth-enabled items, then get it preinstalled in. When I meant you could save the money on RAM instead, I didn't mean spend the 30 on RAM but you could use it to help pay for more RAM. For example, you could just get an extra 256MB or pay more and get 512MB. Back to Bluetooth, if you are only going to be using it like once every fortnight or something to download stuff to your mobile or whatever, then a dongle would be cheaper (and you ain't going to be carrying your iBook around with a dongle stuck in 100% of the time anyways). But if you are going to use it frequently like with a printer or mouse, then obviously go for it preinstalled.

I myself have a mobile phone with Bluetooth on it but I never use it, plus I can't really think of anything essential I will be getting in the future that uses Bluetooth so I chose not to waste 30 to have it built in my iBook. I was actually close to adding it in at the last minute but then I decided not to. :dive:
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