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Hey guys,

I am in the process of switching from a Windows XP SP2 Laptop running Office 2007 to a Mac Book Pro I have yet to buy.

The thing is:
I already sold my Toshiba laptop (got a good offer, sold!).
I took all the data of it. Now I have the *.pst file created by outlook, with all my emails/contacts/calendar entries/tasks in it.
What do I need to transfer those things onto my new MacBook?

I will definitely need some software, the question is: Is it enough to take the *.pst file and then some software running on the Mac will be able to read that and import that into whichever program is the Outlook equivalent for Mac, or do I need a Windows PC running Outlook from which I can export using some software into a file format that the Mac can then read?

I am sure dozens of people have already done this, so please let me know how you did it and what your experience is.

I greatly appreciate it.
Thank you very much.

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