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ive tried resetting the SMC, didn't make a difference,.
trying to figure out now, how to run a hardware test with out the original disc, as i have left them in england,(i currently live in the US.)
i have figured out how to turn my macbook pro on, and seems to work nearly every time, by picking it up tilting it backwards and to the right, and then press power and it boots, and works with out a hitch, until i turn it off, or twice now it wont wake from sleep.

so if this and issue with the hdd? motion sensor's?
i noticed in system profiler, under motion sensor is say "enabled" is there a way of disabling this? and if i did, might this help, or is it better to leave it on as it does help power up my mac.
any help would be awesome,
thanks to all who have reply, thanks alot
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