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Hi there, I have searched these forums and checked the FAQs without any luck finding this problem. I am working on a PowerBook G4 550MHz that used to have OS 10.4.8 and when you would click on the wireless icon it would report 'No Airport Networks in Range' and it was greyed out. You could select 'Other' and try and manually enter the wireless settings with no luck. It doesn't matter how close you are to the base station, either, it will not pick up that there is a wireless network available. I have checked that the hardware is seated properly and it is. We even have a different Powerbook G4 800MHz that has the same airport card that works fine. I swapped the airport cards and still have the same problem. We have taken it to other wireless networks with the same problem. It will get on hard-wired networks fine.

Now, we threw in a new hard drive and loaded the original MAC OS 10.1 and got it updated to 10.1.5 but we still have the same problem, no wifi. Anyone have a clue what could be going on here? I didn't see any firmware updates though I could have missed something with that. Either way, it is very frustrating. Thanks.

EDIT: BTW, The router works fine as you can get other PCs and Macs hooked directly to it without issue.
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