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firs off, I suggest renaming the hd, I seem to remember something about not naming the drive with less than 5 characters, causes problems or something. you dont really need macjanitor. if you have panther install disc 1, insert it, shut down your mac with the disc still in it, turn the mac on, hold down the 'C' key on the keyboard til you get to the grey screen with the apple, itll boot from install disc 1, then, in the upper left area, next to the apple, click Installer, and click open disk utility, then select the drive in the left column, o yea, make sure youre selecting the drive, like Maxtor xxgb, etc and not the mounted HD's name, then click repair permissions, itll create new permissions from the disc, since this is the first time, after this time, you wont need to boot from install disc 1 to repair permissions unless youre having a serious problem. when its done, quit the disk utility, then quit the installer, itll ask if youre sure, shut it down and start it back up, or restart it.
the reason you couldnt repair permissions before was because repairing permissions using dsik utility in the utilities folder reads from already present reciepts and permissions, since repair permissions has never been done on this mac before, the disk utility didnt find them.
you can use a third party app after this if you want, like cocktail, macjanitor, onyx, etc, but be careful, if you dont know what youre doing, dont change any settings in those apps, you could mess up your mac that way.
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