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Originally Posted by vdubkid4life View Post
My computer will stay connected for a good hour or less and then, my signal will start getting weak and eventually i cannot load any pages. I always have a IP address, and the only way to get it working again is to go to system preferences, go to network, then assist me, diagnostics, and all the lights will be green but internet and server. So i go through the diagnostics and at the end of the process the internet and server lights will go back to green and the signal goes back up, and says "your internet seems to be working correctly" Does anyone know how to fix this so my signal will stay strong and i will always be connected to the internet and server?
I have EXACTLY the same problem, and have to "fix" it exactly the same way!!! Since the other wired and wireless computers get a fine signal all the time, I'm beginning to think it's the Airport Extreme Card in my iMac. If it was interference from other networks or objects, why does my MBP still work when the iMac doesn't?

Oh please, can anybody help us?
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