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By the way, if you still care, Photoshop 5 is DEFINITELY OS 8.1 compatible. My mother is a video producer (weddings, graduations, etc) and has always been a Mac fan. She just recently stopped using her old not-even-G3 computer (Powermac 9600 I believe), and it ran 5.0 seamlessly. She is STILL bitter about switching to PCs for work (she did it for Video Toaster 3 and for the fact that SCSI doesn't come standard on Macs anymore). Honestly, though. getting a new computer might just be a better investment. If you're paying for Photoshop and possibly even a new operating system to run it on, you might as well be paying for a new computer. You can buy a G4 eMac on (refurbished) for 650. That's roughly the list price of Photoshop CS anyway.

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